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Customer Requirements

The following are some requirements we have for our customers. Please feel free to contact us at 905-455-1600 should you have any questions, comments or concerns about the any of the following:

  • EPOXY SOLUTIONS will insure that our workmanship meets or exceeds your expectations and will attempt to make your construction project a success. Its is however ultimately the responsibility of the floor owner or general contractor to protect the floor once completed. In commercial settings we recommend waxing your floors to ensure a scratch free floor for many years. Most damage occurs within the first few days, when the floor is put into use prior to fully curing. All 100% epoxies, regardless of brand, take 3-5 days to fully cure at room temperature. We recommend only light foot traffic after 24 hours and vehicular after 48 hours. Repair of damaged flooring will cost extra.
  • A 600 volt 3-Phase 30 amp. electrical supply is required for our shot blast and or diamond grinding operation. Our qualified technicians can hook-up to this electrical supply most of the time. EPOXY SOLUTIONS and/or its technicians will NOT be held liable for any damage or inconvenience this may cause. Please make disconnect available upon our arrival. We will gladly supply a 30 amp pigtail for your electrician to connect if you prefer. Where power is unavailable we will supply a generator for an additional cost.
  • Floors should be clear of all debris and made vacant prior to our arrival. Objects on or near the floor to be prepíd, which are fragile or valuable, should be removed by the customer prior to our arrival. Our company will NOT be responsible for any damage that may occur in moving these articles. Additional costs may also be incurred if we have to spend time moving your equipment or supplies.
  • Please be aware that our big concrete preparation machines leave a small border around perimeter of floor. It also leaves untreated areas underneath counter tops, racking or etc. that are less than the height of the machine. These areas can be moderately addressed by hand grinding with diamonds.
  • Our blasting and grinding process has vacuum attachments and is virtually 95% dust free, however because the concrete floor is in a naked or open state during the preparation process, there will be dust on the floor that will blow around the area until we do our clean up sweep and vac prior to epoxying your floor. EPOXY SOLUTIONS will NOT be held liable for any dust contamination. This is ultimately the responsibility of the owner to protect valuable items from dust contamination.
  • At Epoxy Solutions we use mostly solvent/VOC free epoxies. When solvenating is required, we use mostly IPA (isopropyl alcohol). This product is as environmentally friendly as we can find. There are occasions where a solvent based epoxy product is required or specified.
  • Epoxy Solutions will try to limit the amount of exposure as best as possible and never install a heavily solvenated product of any type in a confined space. Please insure that proper ventilation is available for us.
  • EPOXY SOLUTIONS will NOT remove the concrete residue from the blasting or grinding process from the site, so please make a dumpster, garbage bin or disposal area available. Remember itís your concrete.