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Flexible WEAR COURSE traffic deck system

KelmarŪ FWC III is a solvent free, rapid curing, 100% solids flexible epoxy protective coating system. The KelmarŪ FWC III waterproofing system consists of a prime coat, NEO V II C, and an abrasion resistant traffic bearing top coat which is filled with aggregate for skid resistance.  An optional top coat is also available.

Typical Uses As a waterproofing system for parking structures / Pedestrian walkways / Balconies

Benefits Odorless / Provides a seamless, wear course over waterproofing membrane / Remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures / Provides an excellent slip-resistant surface / Resistant to most automotive chemicals / Proven history of performance / A-1 Fire rating (ASTM E 84) / Available in wide range of colors